Cannabis Mix Kit - On the go

  • Cannabis Mix Kit - On the go

Cannabis Mix Kit - On the go

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The perfect combination for the Cannabis Enthusiast

This combo pack includes everything you'll need to roll up with Leafolo as your Perfect Mix. Perfect for both home use as well as on-the-go, Leafolo helps you keep it simple with all you need to fully enjoy your cannabis where ever you are. 

Our Leafolo Maul Pad and Card Grinder are sleek and practical, made to slip into your back pocket, wallet or phone case. Enough Leafolo mix for you as well as a friend. Don't forget the complementary filters and rolling papers - ensuring you have everything you need to roll up and spark up.

This combo pack includes:

  • Leafolo 20g Pack
  • Leafolo Maul Pad
  • Leafolo Card Grinder
  • Pure Hemp 1 1/4 Rolling Paper Booklet
  • Pack of 15 Filter Tips


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