Quit It

Leafolo - Quit It! Program

A guideline to quitting cigarette addiction – our 50/50 method is proven to be an easier way to quit.


  • More than 7000 chemicals
  • Contains nicotine & other
    Highly addictive substances
  • Creates physical & mental
  • Withdrawal symptoms are Painful & uncomfortable


  • Free of any chemicals or
  • 100% Nicotine free
  • Free of any addictive ingredients/substances
  • Mildly relaxing & calming
    effect eases withdrawal

The Leafolo 50/50 method: involves;

Add Leafolo To Your Tobacco Mix

Roll Your Own Tasty Cigarette

Enjoy The Ritual Of Smoking While Weaning Off Of Tobacco

Quit The Habit Consciously & Comfortably

  1. Swapping from commercial ‘store-bought’ cigarettes to Roll Your Own (RYO) hand rolled, self-made Tobacco cigarettes is the First step. Immediately you’ve cut out many chemicals and are smoking mostly plain shredded Tobacco leaves. If you don’t know how to roll, you can use one of the handy devices on offer in our Shop, either the Dark Horse Injector and Tubes or the Automatic Rolling Tin and filters and papers.
  2. Step two is to then mix 50% Tobacco with 50% Leafolo in a RYO cigarette. This means, by mixing with Leafolo™, you are immediately smoking half the amount of Tobacco and lowering your nicotine intake ! right from the start. In addition, our Sceletium blend (Kanna) boasts calming effects that help to sooth and ease the discomfort of nicotine withdrawals.
  3. Step three is to then, …over time, use less and less Tobacco (at your own pace) and more and more Leafolo™, until the nicotine has left your system, and the physical cravings dissipate. The psychological and ritual aspects of the act of smoking can then still be done, in a non-addictive way, for as long as one needs to, or one can stop completely, when ready if that is the intention.

Why Hand Rolling

  • Hand rolled cigarettes take time, whereas it takes seconds to pull out a cigarette and light up. This instant gratification often leads smokers to lose track of the amount they are smoking. Taking the time to roll helps make a smoker more conscious of the amount of cigarettes they are smoking in a day.
  • Hand rolling adds a ritual to your smoking experience, which can distract the smoker from any discomfort or unease when cutting down.

"“A very nice tobacco replacement! 0% nicotine, and a smooth smoke. Perfect for
weaning yourself off cigarettes…”
- Daniel Mc Shane"


New research shows that it takes smokers an average of 30 attempts before they successfully quit smoking. This may be because people often try to quit “cold turkey”. Suddenly depriving your body of nicotine can create incredibly uncomfortable nicotine withdrawals.

Often, smokers give in to the discomfort and fall back into smoking in an attempt to ease the symptoms of withdrawal. Leafolo’s Herbal Blend contains Lions Tail, which boasts mild calming & relaxing effects.

How do I quit with Leafolo?

The 50/50 Method – A summary

  1. Swap from commercial cigarettes to hand-rolled cigarettes. (RYO)
  2. Substitute 50% of your tobacco with Leafolo™’s Herbal blends.
  3. Enjoy the flavour & texture of your 50/50 blend.
  4. Slowly start substituting more Leafolo™ into your tobacco mix. By slowly replacing the tobacco with Leafolo™, the smoker is able to consciously and comfortably wean themselves off of their nicotine addiction.


Whatever method you use, when quitting you will experience discomfort and other symptoms. Replacing your habit with a new hobby or activity is a great distraction. Busy yourself with new & interesting things to help keep your mind off of the process. Try get involved with new & healthy activities, such as:

The team at Leafolo wishes you wellness and health